Meet Dr. Stephen Maloney

Your caring family dentist in Anchorage.

Our Dentist in Anchorage Dr. Maloney

Caring For The Community

“Having practiced dentistry in Anchorage for over 40 years, it is safe to say I understand the people and the community. I use my local knowledge and the skills I have acquired over the years to bring exceptional care to my patients.

I believe an educated patient is a happy patient, so I make sure to explain all of the available options for your smile.”

  • Practicing dentistry in Anchorage since 1982

  • Undergraduate from University of California

  • Doctorate in Dentistry from University of Pennsylvania

  • Committed to advanced training and continued education

Fast Facts About Your Leading Dentist

Embracing History

In his office, Dr. Maloney displays the original diploma from when his grandfather graduated dental school in 1904. He is proud to showcase his family pedigree and commitment to dentistry.

Eager to Educate

Dr. Maloney is proud to offer a range of family dental treatments for everyone. He uses his experience to provide what you need and when you need it.

On the Cusp

Your dentist in Anchorage keeps up with the latest trends in the dental community and is a member of the following organizations:

‘‘I've spent a lot of time in a dental chair and the past several years have been the best of all my experiences. Dr. Maloney's staff are very professional and it is a pleasure doing business with everyone.’’

Robert H. (Fireweed Patient)

A Dentist for All Ages

Everyone has individual needs, so a standard approach just won’t do. Experience the personal care Dr. Maloney provides across all forms of dentistry.

A family who visit our Dentist in Anchorage Dr. Maloney

Family Care

Using preventive and general dentistry, your dentist can maintain your smile and oral health.

An older patient of our Dentist in Anchorage Dr. Maloney

Restoring Smiles

By offering a range of modern restorative treatments, Dr. Maloney can replace multiple missing teeth in no time.

A cosmetic patient of our Dentist in Anchorage Dr. Maloney

Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you want a smile boost? Your cosmetic dentist in Anchorage provides all kinds of enhancing treatments at his office.

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