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Eagle Pride is a Family Tradition for Our Anchorage Dentist

“My community cares and pays for my education. I intentionally pursue learning in the classroom, on the field, and in the hallways. I do this to honor my community, my family and my team.” – The Eagles Creed

The West Anchorage High School football team is busy with it’s summer practice schedule. These admirable young men under the successful guidance of Coach Tim Davis are not only building up a record as a formidable high school football team, but as you can see from their creed above, as exemplary citizens of Anchorage.

A Little History Lesson

Anchorage dentist high school football sponsors.West Anchorage High School is the oldest of the Anchorage School District’s eight major high schools, opening in 1953. It was seriously damaged in the notorious Good Friday earthquake of March 27, 1964 when most of the school’s 2nd floor was destroyed, along with a sizable portion of the first floor.  It is the 2nd largest school in Alaska after it’s cross-town rival East Anchorage High School. (Go Eagles!)

Our own Dr. Maloney attended West High School and played football  as a tackle in 1965-66. The next generation of Maloney’s also carried on the “Eagle Pride”. Dr. Maloney’s son James attended West High and also played football for West High during the 2002-2004 seasons and was a 2 time all-state tight end.

And the Maloney family continues to support “Eagle Pride” until today. Dr. Maloney’s practice Fireweed Family Dentistry is a continuing sponsor of the West Anchorage High Football team and also the West Eagles Hockey team.

We are proud to be sponsors of programs like these that instill our children with great values, determination to succeed, and life skills that will make them successful beyond West Anchorage High School’s walls.